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Ulysse Nardin


Giving free rein to his watchmaking genius, Ulysse Nardin inscribed his name in the annals of the nascent merchant navy during the second half of the 19th century. His marine chronometers, world-renowned measuring instruments, were used on many ships.
Ulysse Nardin, began making marine chronometers in a mountainous location in Switzerland, the watchmaking powerhouse has continually proved that challenges present vast opportunities worthy of exploration. It is these explorations that have resulted in Ulysse Nardin’s unprecedented inventions in horology.
Since Ulysse Nardin has beenthe recipient of 4,300-plus awards in watchmaking – 18 of them gold medals – and has received the greatest number of patents in mechanical watchmaking.Other landmark achievements by Ulysse Nardin include Oechslin’s completion of the Trilogy of Time, featuring the Astrolabium, the Planetarium and the Tellurium. And, Oechslin returned to the cosmos for inspiration and revealed the Moonstruck, which concentrates on the moon and its effects on the earth. Ulysse Nardin expands its roster of breakthroughs, launching five new in-house conceived and produced movements, in 2013.

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