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Maestro Jewelers and IDC present the first diamonds exhibition in Belgrade

Maestro Jewelers, a representing company for IDC-Israel Diamond Center one of the world’s leading diamond manufacturers, is hosting a very first diamonds exhibition in Serbia. The exhibition opens in Belgrade on December 17. and closes December 23. Opening hours matching those of working hours in Maestro Jewlers shop in Nusiceva 12a. On this occasion Maestro Jewelers is presenting to the general public an exceptional collection of diamonds which comes to belgrade straight from IDC headoffice in Israel. The exhibition, attended by Mr.Avi Tavisal, the owner of IDC, would be officially opened by the Israeli ambassador in Belgrade, Josef Levy. The exhibition would be open for general public, so all admirers of fine jewelry would enjoy the opportunity to see live some of the most expensive and most luxurious pieces of diamonds in one place. This is an outstanding opportunity for the visitors to see an exceptional collection of valuable diamonds, which truly are, not only the most beautiful jewelry but also the most valuable economic investment for the future.

The exhibition is open to the public from December 17. to December 23. Working hours 11.00 a.m.-20.00 p.m. on work days, except Friday 11.00 a.m.-16.00 p.m.