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World of diamonds

Welcome to the world of diamonds

As part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of its operations in Serbia, the Israeli Diamond Center (IDC) organized in Belgrade a unique exhibition of diamonds and diamond jewelry. From 16 to 23 December 2014, the visitors of the Maestro Jewelers salon had the opportunity to see over a hundred specimens of unique and valuable gems. The exhibition was accompanied by a seminar held by Miki Kamhi Marten,
Deputy CEO of the European Gemological Laboratory and an expert in analysis of diamonds. Her seminar called “Getting Started in Gemology” aimed to introduce the audience to the basics of the science of precious stones, the appraisal and certification of gems, the distinction between synthetic and natural diamonds, as well as various economic factors indicating that the purchase of diamonds is one of the safest investments in today’s world.
In order to share with you the expert knowledge, we bring you the highlights from this seminar that we will complement with new sections and interesting articles.

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Conflict-free diamonds

The term “blood diamond” is used for diamonds that are mined in war zones, particularly in Africa. Countries marked as the greatest exporters of diamonds are Sierra Leone ...

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Famous gemmological laboratories

There are a great number of institutes and laboratories in the world that are engaged in studying and estimating the value and quality of diamonds and other gemstones ...

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Synthetic diamonds

One of the greatest achievements in the diamond industry is the discovery of technology for synthetic diamond production. They are produced in ...

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Invest in Diamonds

The world is constantly going through changes that can often be unpredictable: economic collapses, natural disasters, wars… All of these have an influence on our perception of the future, urging us to think, “What is the best thing to invest ...

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Four most important aspects in evaluation

When purchasing diamonds it is important to know the basic rules of international quality classification. Each processed stone goes through a detailed analysis, by which four key...

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From rough material to precious jewellery

Although around 135 million carats of rough diamonds are annually being extractedin around 50 biggest diamond mines in the world[1], it is only about 20% ...

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Source and composition of natural diamonds

In gemology, the diamond is defined as the crystal of carbon, or its specific “allotropic modification”. By its characteristics, diamond has the highest melting point in nature ...

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